BLACKbook: Scorpions-Tour - Day 4

Travelday: Leipzig to Frankfurt

The next day, the next journey - Frankfurt is calling, but before us lies a 4 hour travel on the highway again. It's the more annoying part of touring, you spend hours and hours on the grey highways that start to look the same after a short period of time. Before our departure I take a shower, enjoy the first coffee in the morning and keep up the work on the blog. Here is a little picture of Mr. Cat and Mr. Laptop (to be renamed) to give you an idea of my extremely spacious workplace.

Travelling is definitely my least favourite part of touring. I can't sleep on the bus, I can't look down for a longer period of time due to me getting seasick (what a pirate I would be!), and in the wintertime there is not much to see outside the window. You are basically left with your thoughts, not necessarily a good thing. The occasional stop for regular caffeine intake does not deliver any more brightness into the travel day - actually, it reminds me of the atmosphere in "The Walking Dead". 

By the way, that's Outer Space President and Drummer Kai Tschierschky in the Picture! He's my roommate for tonight and says "Hi" to you all, so there you go. 
We'll head out for Sushi later (it's all about food again), and from then on it's probably some drinks and a good night sleep before we play the breathtakingly beautiful Festhalle in Frankfurt tomorrow - more on that on the next blog. 

See ya then! 

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